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CIOReview Recognizes Altumint as a Top 20 Smart City Solutions Company

CIOReview Recognizes Altumint as a Top 20 Smart City Solutions Company
Altumint: Your Partner in Building Safer, Smarter Communities

CIOReview – Altumint’s core mission is unequivocally to save lives on roadways—an ethos that resonates throughout its endeavors. The firm designs, manufactures, and configures Al-assisted automated vehicle recognition and traffic enforcement solutions. These innovative solutions help U.S. state and local government partners reduce accidents and fatalities while implementing public safety initiatives and promoting a change in driver behavior.

“Everything we do is to save lives. We empower customers to build safer communities on their roadways and ecosystem, protecting children in school zones and construction workers in work zones,” says Holly Cooper, CEO of Altumint.

A focus on road safety underpins its business model, client support, and ambition to improve the efficacy of public safety initiatives.

Despite the dynamic characteristics of the road network in the U.S., exemplified by the bustling streets of major metropolises and the tranquil highways of rural areas, the statistics are concerning. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), an estimated 42,795 traffic fatalities occurred in 2022, highlighting that road safety is a prominent public health concern.

Within this landscape, Altumint emerges as a torchbearer on the path to rewrite this narrative.
The company was established as a spin-off from a NASA aerospace engineering firm and is entirely U.S.-owned and operated. It equips law enforcement agencies with unparalleled capabilities to better protect their neighborhoods. Clients can remotely monitor multiple thoroughfares of concern and relocate essential road safety resources to where they are needed most. Altumint has strategically positioned its local field service technicians and program managers to ensure utmost responsiveness. Dedicated warehouses in different locations enable them to address any repair issues or equipment malfunctions promptly.

“We pride ourselves on our delivery model that focuses on operational excellence and client satisfaction”

As Altumint strides forward, it’s not just transforming law enforcement but pushing the boundaries of what is possible. In its journey to create a safer, more connected future, it strives to make communities feel secure, respected, and well-informed.

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About Altimint, Inc.
Driven by safety and integrity, US-based Altumint offers a resourceful and adaptive partnership to immediately improve public safety. We engineer, manufacture, and support a visual technology system and citation process using artificial intelligence to capture data on people and vehicles who break the law. We add support and resources for law enforcement to monitor speeding in school zones, work zones, running red lights, and ignoring school bus stop arms—anything compromising community safety. Our expert team provides unmatched customer service and is committed to making responsive changes in technology and processes based on customer and partner feedback. For additional information, please visit our website at www.altumint.com.