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Our system is truly revolutionary, offering a game-changing solution to one of the most critical aspects of transportation management. Altumint’s Pro AVR technology is a versatile and powerful solution that can be deployed to a wide range of roadways and its dynamic capabilities set it apart as one of the most innovative vehicle recognition technologies available today. Pro AVR can rapidly and reliably identify all vehicles, in all lanes of traffic, in all weather conditions, 24/7.

Using a single 4K color video camera, our real-time automated vehicle recognition and recording technology can monitor up to four lanes of traffic, capturing vehicle data from both fixed and mobile platforms. Our cutting-edge system provides an efficient and effective way to collect vital traffic information.

Our web-based local and NCIC hot list alert system functions seamlessly on any device and integrates with maps, enabling enforcers to quickly identify and track suspect vehicles in real time.

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Key Features

Purpose Built For All Roadway Types

Simultaneously Captures All Vehicle Information

Comprehensive Turnkey Solution

Agency Owns Its Pro AVR Data

Multi-agency Data Sharing available

24/7 Agency Access to Data

Proprietary Deep Neural Networks

Flexible Data Storage Configurations

Continuous NCIC Hot List Updates

Who it Serves

We help state and local government partners in large and small communities enforce laws to:

  • Solve crimes and locate those who commit them.
  • Improve traffic-related safety conditions for students, pedestrians, and commuters.
  • Reduce possible unsafe interactions between violators and law enforcement officers.
  • Reduce costs by automating resource-intensive, repetitive law enforcement activities.
  • Create revenue sources to re-invest in the community.

We are committed to assisting law enforcement agencies nationwide to keep their teams and citizens safer by offering the ability to remotely monitor multiple areas of concern, enabling the option of reallocating key resources where they are needed most.

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Law Enforcement
Improve public safety, enhance security, and accelerate criminal investigations
Create safer campuses and school grounds by altering driver behavior
Monitor vehicle patterns and capture characteristics to support investigations
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Trusted by Clients Across the Country

“I have spent my entire career associated with Public Safety and Law Enforcement. When I was approached by Altumint, I quickly realized that I had great alignment with their Purpose and Mission. Helping Law Enforcement be more efficient and effective is a notable endeavor and this is what Altumint does every day. I am honored to be a member of an Advisory Group of distinguished individuals in the industry who are committed to this mission.”

Mark Moon
Mark Moon
Altumint Strategic Advisory Board

“Altumint provides vital data for public safety that will save lives. It is exciting to be involved in this cutting-edge technology.”

Ed Davis
Ed Davis
Altumint Strategic Advisory Board

“I joined the Altumint team because of the high integrity of its leadership and because I am convinced that the technology developed by this company will save lives in our communities.”

 Mark Magaw
Mark Magaw
Altumint Strategic Advisory Board

“Altumint has worked with our department to reduce the speeding problems in school zones where traditional enforcement methods were nearly impossible to utilize. With the Altumint system, speeding in these locations has been significantly reduced.”

Captain Patrick Timmons
Captain Patrick Timmons
Riverdale Park Police Department

“To this day, we continue to have a strong impact on the safety of students, pedestrians, and drivers in the cities’ school zones, evidenced by the significant, documented reductions in speed at the locations of our speed cameras.”

Colonel David G. Rice
Colonel David G. Rice
Chief of Police, City of New Carrollton Police Department

“Altumint operates with integrity and an ethical standard that gives us confidence in our program and reflects highly upon the City.”

Robert W. Ryan
Robert W. Ryan
Director of Public Services, City of College Park
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