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The Silicon Review Recognizes Holly Cooper as a Top 30 Best CEO of 2024

The Silicon Review Recognizes Holly Cooper as a Top 30 Best CEO of 2024

Silicon Review – Altumint is an industry leading provider of Al-driven Automated Enforcement Solutions, leading innovations in road safety. The company serves as a crucial ally for law enforcement, prioritizing the protection of citizens on roadways. Altumint’s clients primarily consist of law enforcement agencies and city officials (leaders, mayors, managers), reflecting its dedication to enhancing road safety and promoting compliance with traffic regulations. The company’s Pro series of solutions includes Pro ATE™ for automated traffic enforcement and Pro AVR™ for automated vehicle recognition. Altumint is headquartered in Lanham, Maryland.

The Silicon Review reached out to Holly Cooper, CEO of Altumint, and here’s what she had to say.

How would you describe your professional journey so far? Tell us about a few roadblocks and learning lessons that helped you grow through the years.

My professional journey started as a receptionist for a small, family-owned construction company. When I left the company, I was the Project Director, second in command to the owner. Over 15 years, I immersed myself in various roles, including HR Lead and Safety Director, and I even worked in accounts payable and receivable. From managing field operations to overseeing the migration of computer systems, my experiences were diverse and prepared me for my future as a CEO. After my time there, I transitioned seamlessly into transportation technology at Xerox, providing me with a global view of the space. I took on roles of increasing responsibility. At that juncture, Xerox split into two companies and I stayed with one of them, where I oversaw multiple business units. This journey prepared me for my current role as Altumint’s CEO, where I draw on my extensive background to lead effectively.

Trust is one of the most important currencies of leadership that requires authenticity and consistency to maintain. What’s your take on this?

Trust is the cornerstone of my leadership philosophy. Whether dealing with employees, clients, or peers, I offer consistency and authenticity in my relationships. My commitment to transparency and standing behind my word stems from values instilled in me in my early life. I was raised to value honesty and integrity. These foundational principals have led to my professional and personal successes.

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About Altimint, Inc.
Driven by safety and integrity, US-based Altumint offers a resourceful and adaptive partnership to immediately improve public safety. We engineer, manufacture, and support a visual technology system and citation process using artificial intelligence to capture data on people and vehicles who break the law. We add support and resources for law enforcement to monitor speeding in school zones, work zones, running red lights, and ignoring school bus stop arms—anything compromising community safety. Our expert team provides unmatched customer service and is committed to making responsive changes in technology and processes based on customer and partner feedback. For additional information, please visit our website at www.altumint.com.