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Altumint Announces Jason Norton as Senior Vice President of Government Relations

Altumint Announces Jason Norton as Senior Vice President of Government Relations

Altumint is pleased to formally announce the addition of Jason Norton as Altumint Senior Vice President of Government Relations. Norton brings a wealth of knowledge and over three decades of experience in smart mobility, government relations, public policy, and political strategy industries.

“Jason’s extensive knowledge of the photo enforcement and smart mobility industry is a major asset for Altumint,” said Altumint CEO Holly Cooper. “Not only is he well-respected in the industry with a track record of business success, but Jason also has a passion for bettering communities and improving lives—a mindset well-matched to our core mission. We are thrilled to welcome Jason to the Altumint team. He will be an effective leader as Altumint continues to put our life-saving technology to work for communities across the country.”

Most recently, Norton led the Norton Company, where he drew on his extensive experience in government, politics, and business to provide strategic advice and consultation on government relations, corporate goals, and community relations. Prior to that he was a key member of the team that helped launch smart mobility technology company American Traffic Solutions (now Verra Mobility), overseeing more than half of its global clients. In his over 15 years working with the company, Norton was responsible for its early successes across many states, where he helped pass legislation and secure numerous contracts. Norton also launched and oversaw programs, products, and contracts in states like Missouri, Florida, and Georgia; and major markets around the United States, including Atlanta, Tampa, Orlando, Chicago, Baltimore, Washington DC, St. Louis, and Memphis, to name a few.

Norton also worked for more than a decade with the leadership of the United States House of Representatives. Norton has worked in local, state, and federal government and has collaborated with legislators at every level and managed lobbyists, consultants, and vendors.